Roe v Wade
Legal Reasoning to Reject Roe
About the Author
Since 1975 Philip Rafferty has been a sole practitioner in criminal defense. He lives in Southern California and travels to remote areas of the Amazon Basin to view wildlife in their natural environment.
Constitutional Fetal Personhood
Letter to Justice Roberts
God and Evil
Silver Bullet
Roe v Wade Commentary
Same Sex Marriage
University Faculty for Life Talk (6/1/2013)
Achieving the Restoration of Fetal Personhood
Illegitimacy of the Common law Born Alive and Quickening Rules
Letter to Cardinal Burke
An Invitation to Practice Hope and a Letter to the Supreme Court Justices
Paul B Linton & Clarke Forsythe and Their Spurious Myth of Fetal Non-Personhood
Justice Gone Mad in Mandating Judicial Bypass for Minor’s Abortion
Agnotology and Roe v Wade
Roe v Wade: Unraveling the Fabric of America (2013)
Roe v Wade - Philip Rafferty (1992)
Rafferty on the Human Person
Belief in Choice Equates with Unbelief in the Incarnation
Justice Scalia and His Myth of Fetal Non-Personhood
Scalia and Forsythe Light Up the Night Skies
Letter to Justice Sotomayor
Review of Professor Cushing’s Review of Professor Wolfgang Muller’s "The Criminalization of Abortion in the West"
Possible Golden Opportunities for Anti-Proponents of Same-Sex Marriage and of Roe v. Wade
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